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Kinetic Architecture Leuven 2013

Kinetic architecture is the combination of architecture and technology depending on certain parameters in order to obtain interactions.


In my case, I chose parameters depending on movement in order to create interactions with the passer-by. 


Since "kinetic" means movement, I considered it important to choose a location and materials which already naturally imply movement. 

The Arenberg Castle in Leuven, Belgium, was offered as a location. Since nothing implies movement more than a staircase, this was, in my opinion, the most inspiring location of the castle. 

After researching several materials which imply movement, origami seemed to be the purest way to transform a simple material into a kinetic system. Besides the fact that paper is flexible yet tough, the folds make movement even more possible.


Not only the shape is designed but also the mechanics behind it. This means that the device which is controlling the movement had to be invented as well as the software to steer it. The software is written in Arduino and the electronics are a combination of Arduino and Tinkerkit.


This project was individually designed in an intesive studio in the last phase of the masters program in Architectural Engineering. It was displayed in the yearly exhibition of the chosen works by the architecture faculty at KU Leuven and got offered a publication opportunity.

© Charlotte Dhollander 

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