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The university needs a multifunctional space where students can relax, study and where occasionally lectures can take place. 


The location was undetermined, there were only some restrictions imposed. The dimensions can not exceed 15m by 15m by 15m and a third of the total facade area should be closed. Besides that we were supposed to have an interesting positive volume as well as an interesting negative volume. 

Because this design gave us a lot of freedom, we decided to experiment with different views, split levels, new materials, atypical shapes for the interior as well as the exterior, light, etc. 

The design process was mostly characterized by model making in order to properly experiment with the volumetrics as they were often too complex to draw in plans.


Designed in the second year of my studies at K.U.L. with 3 other students: Jonas De Baere, Pieter-Jan Debuyst and Lisbeth De Laet.

The Cube 2010

© Charlotte Dhollander 

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